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Our Board!

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Adia Raya she/her

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2023
Internship/co-op/research experience: Goodyear Intern - NVH Group (Summer 2021) Stellantis Intern - NVH Group (Summer 2022) Undergrad Research - Warsinger Water Lab (Fall 2021) Undergrad Research - Dr. Hess (Spring 2022 - Ongoing)
Involvements outside of SWE: Dean's Leadership Scholars, WIEP Outreach Team, ME Taskforce on Femal Undergraduate Recruitment, Mentor for ME 290 Sophomore Seminar
Favorite SWE Memory: There have been many in my three years in SWE but I think one of my favorites was during the 2021 Grand Prix when one of the PSWE karts at the last second moved into Fifth place and put our team on the final leaderboard. This was such an exciting moment as we were rewarded for all of the hours, sweat and exhaustion went into getting that kart on the track. Not only was this a great moment seeing all of the technical effort that went into this result but additionally as a team built on empowering women and those who are not typically at the forefront of the racing environment it was a great moment that hopefully was empowering not only to those on the team but others watching as well.

Vice President Internal

Rama Coimbatore she/her

Major: Biomedical Engineering
Graduation Date: December 2023
Internship/co-op/research experience: SURF Program Fellow, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Co-op with Cook Research Inc.
Involvements outside of SWE: BME Student Ambassador, BME Society, WIEP Tutor
Favorite SWE Memory: Spring 2022 social pillar bonding events! We had so much fun decorating cakes, painting, and laughing together!


Vice President of Membership


Genevieve Trese

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date: May 2024
Internship/co-op/research experience: Systems Engineering Intern at Borg Warner Research Assistant for the CQEM Lab R&D Intern at Sandia National Labs
Involvements outside of SWE: A part time job/research, WIEP, and Horticulture!
Favorite SWE Memory: WE Local in Des Moines Iowa :D

Vice President External

Mary Vaughan she/her

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date:  December 2023
Internship/co-op/research experience: Undergrad Research in Nonlinear Transmission Lines with Nuclear Engineering, 5-semester co-op with Sonoco (on rotation 4of5 for summer 2022)
Involvements outside of SWE: Purdue Bible Fellowship, Rock Climbing
Favorite SWE Memory: Volunteering with SWEekend and hosting future Boilermakers


Vice President of Finance


Shreya Misra she/her

Major: AAE
Graduation Date:  May 2023
Internship/co-op/research experience: Cummins - Fluids Metrolgy Intern Laminar Scientific - Prototype and Test Engineering Intern Sausage Kitch - Quality Intern
Involvements outside of SWE: College of Engineering Ambassador, Pre-College Advisor at Office of Future Engineers, TA for Office of Professional Practice and Data Mine
Favorite SWE Memory: Meeting fellow SWEople in the National Conference in Indianapolis in Fall 2021!


Director of Operations

Kathryn Bingenheimer she/her

Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date:  May 2025
Internship/co-op/research experience: Participated in a Summer Undergraduate Research Program in a Medical College's Biochemistry Department
Involvements outside of SWE: Member of Purdue Swim Club and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Favorite SWE Memory: There are way too many to count but one of my favorites was the last Professional Committee meeting my Freshman year - we all got to celebrate our hard work and have fun!


Professional Director


Megan Bingenheimer she/her

Major: Environmental & Ecological Engineering
Graduation Date:  May 2023
Internship/co-op/research experience: Summer 2021-Present at Generac Power Systems in Waukesha, WI as an Environmental Health & Safety Intern
Involvements outside of SWE: College of Engineering Ambassador, IMPACT President, Purdue Swim Club
Favorite SWE Memory: Going to the SWE Local conference in Iowa - it was my first conference and I got closer to lots more SWEple!

Technical Director

Jen Short she/her

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date:  May 2025



Social Director

Spruha Vashi she/her

Major: Chemical Engineering
Graduation Date:  May 2025
Internship/co-op/research experience: NASA Advanced Air Mobility Operational Limits Research with Purdue
Involvements outside of SWE: PSP Liquids
Favorite SWE Memory: Spending time with people during office hours in the SWOffice!


Outreach Director


Olivia Osuch she/her

Major: BioMedical Engineering
Graduation Date:  May 2024


Social Director


Hana Wong she/her

Major: Electrical Engineering
Graduation Date:  December 2024
Internship/co-op/research experience: Internship at NASA,2 Co-op Rotations at GE Appliances, SoCET (System on Chip Extension Technologies) Lab (for 2 years)
Involvements outside of SWE: EPICS, Purdue Professional Ambassadors, Purdue URSC, Purdue Chi Alpha, Engineering Tomorrow
Favorite SWE Memory: SWeekend!

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