Warm Welcome from the President 

Andrea Tabar

Dear Future SWE Member,


Welcome to Purdue! My name is Andrea Tabar, and I’m a senior in electrical engineering. I was inspired to leave my home state of Michigan to study at one of the best engineering schools in the country. Purdue’s Engineering Program has a reputation that it not only lives up to, but exceeds, and I am proud to call myself a Boilermaker. There are many extracurricular options on Purdue’s campus, but I will have to say that joining SWE has allowed me to make memories that will last a lifetime while learning, giving back, and making connections with some of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Initially, I went to multiple callouts during my freshman year and was moderately involved in different organizations in my first semester. SWE stood out to me because of its reach, leadership structure, and national visibility. With our 4 facets of professional, outreach, technical, and communications, we offer a multitude of activities that you can get involved in. You could be helping Girl Scouts learn about building structures that stand up to tornado force winds in Purdue’s very own wind tunnel, taking a yoga class, working on one of our two Grand Prix carts, mock interviewing with corporate representatives, and so much more. With over 95 events each year put on by our 37 executive board members, there’s something for everyone.


On top of all these fantastic opportunities, we provide scholarships each year within our own chapter, and as a national member, you can apply for scholarships from the SWE organization as a whole.


I know this year is going to be different from what you envisioned your freshman year to be like, but SWE is here to help. We are planning virtual and hybrid events to accommodate everyone and to continue putting our members in contact with each other and the corporate world. We are also starting a brand new mentorship program where you will have the opportunity to be paired with an upperclassmen SWE member, you will be able to ask them anything from their favorite study spot on campus to the dreaded question: “what are you going to do when you graduate”. Our hope is to maintain the social aspects of SWE while keeping everyone safe, and although things on campus might look different, our mission and goals remain the same.


Hopefully, I’ve given you an insight into what we do. To become a member, visit www.swe.org, under the membership tab select join and follow the instructions. A tutorial can be found here and on the Purdue SWE website, swe.purdue.org, if needed. The membership fee for National SWE will provide you with professional and personal development opportunities unique to our organization.

I hope to see you at our events this year. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, worldly insights, improvements, fun facts, or book recommendations, feel free to email me at atabar@purdue.edu.


Andrea Tabar


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Top 10 Reasons to join PSWE:

  1. Professional Development: Events to help you prepare for career fairs, interviews, and the workplace

  2. National Affiliation: Hundreds of SWE sections (college and professional levels) across the country

  3. Scholarships: 50,000 scholarships awarded each year

  4. Grand Prix: 2 annual karts each year

  5. Free Food: Need we say more?

  6. Leadership Opportunities: Serve on a variety of committees or on our 37 person Executive Board

  7. Social Events: Monthly meetings, cooking lessons, yoga, rock climbing, and more

  8. Mentor Future Engineers: Outreach events to K-12 students

  9. Community Service Events: Volunteer opportunities in the local committees

  10. Make Friends and Network!

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