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Get Involved!

There are a lot of great ways to get involved in Purdue SWE!

For more information, check out the committees, teams, volunteering and other ways to get involved below! To get involved or get more information, contact the chair in-charge of what you are interested in by looking at the executive board here or visit us during office hours! If you don't want to join a committee, we would love to see you at our events. You can also get involved by joining PSWE on BoilerLink!

Want to Become a Gold SWE Member?

Introducing the PSWE Incentive Program!

Incentive Program Flyer 2022.png


Each executive board member is required to be in the PSWE office (HAMP G216A) at least one hour per week. SWEetmates (formerly office assistants) are members who are not currently on the executive board but have an office hour once a week with a respective executive board member. Being a SWEetmate is a great way to learn more about SWE and decide whether you want to get more involved and be on our executive board.  Being a SWEetmate also allows you to help your respective executive board member with his or her events or SWE duties. Many of our executive board members were SWEetmates before they became board members!

For more information about SWEetmates, contact Spruha Vashi.

Outreach Committee

Engineering outreach is a major part of SWE’s infrastructure, and finding creative ways to get kids engaged and excited about their future is just one way we have fun in this committee. The Outreach Committee plans and leads interactive activities to motivate students to pursue engineering.


For more information about the Outreach Committee, please contact Meg Wentz or Maitri Pandya.

Grand Prix Team

SWE competes as one of the only female majority race teams for the annual Purdue Grand Prix Race. No experience is necessary. Start at the beginning of the Fall Semester to learn how a go-kart works and what goes into building one, then Spring Semester you can join the pit crew (or become the driver) to help us succeed on race day. 


For more information about Grand Prix, please contact Emily Grube or Ronnie Turner.

Team Tech

Our Team Tech team partners with a local company and develops a solution to a problem given by the firm. The team works from the initial problem statement to solution design to building a prototype, and ends with a presentation at the all SWE Annual Conference.

For more information about Team Tech, please contact Lahari Lingam or Sasha Prabhu.

SWEekend Hostess

Be a mentor and help future college students decide Purdue is the best choice! As a SWEekend hostess you will bring the high school senior to your classes for the day and participate in fun SWE activities all night. There is an optional sleepover option, where you and your mentee have a sleepover in your dorm that night. This is a fun way to show your love for the school and help a high school senior through a tough life decision!

For more information, please contact Hailey Benfield, Sandra Bern, or Samantha Szanti.

Girl Scout Day Volunteer

Join PSWE in welcoming Brownie, Junior, and Cadette Girl Scouts (grades 2-8) to Purdue’s campus for a fun day of hands-on engineering activities!  Girl Scouts will learn about the many different ways engineering is used every day and try their skills in several of these areas.  As a volunteer, you’ll be able to share your enthusiasm for engineering as you lead and assist the Girl Scouts in their activities.  Girl Scout Day is typically held on two Saturdays, once during the Fall Semester and once during the Spring Semester.  


For more information, please contact Jayden Pierce or Kaitlyn Borcherding.

Design Team

The Design Team is a new opportunity to encourage technical involvement from majors like BME and ABE. The team will focus on semester- or year-long projects with companies.

For more information about Design Team, please contact Akansha Chauhan or Mallory Zobel.

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