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Welcome Future Members!

PSWE Freshman Survival Guide

Are you a freshman engineering student looking for some tips & tricks? Check out our Purdue SWE Freshman Survival Guide created by our amazing President Angie Zhang!


Top 10 Reasons to Join PSWE!

  1. Professional Development: Events to help you prepare for career fairs, interviews, and the workplace

  2. National Affiliation: Hundreds of SWE sections (college and professional levels) across the country

  3. Scholarships: 50,000 scholarships awarded each year

  4. Grand Prix: 2 annual karts each year

  5. Free Food: Need we say more?

  6. Leadership Opportunities: Serve on a variety of committees or on our Executive Board as an Officer, Director or Chair!

  7. Social Events: Monthly meetings, cooking lessons, yoga, rock climbing, and more

  8. Mentor Future Engineers: Outreach events to K-12 students

  9. Community Service Events: Volunteer opportunities in the local committees

  10. Make Friends and Network!

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