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Welcome Future Members!

PSWE Freshman Survival Guide

Are you a freshman engineering student looking for some tips & tricks? Check out our Purdue SWE Freshman Survival Guide created by our amazing President Angie Zhang!

For more information on our events check out our BoilerLink page.


Top 10 Reasons to Join PSWE!

  1. Professional development: events to help you prepare for career fairs, interviews, and the workplace.

  2. Leadership Opportunities: Serve on a variety of committees or on our Executive Board as an Officer, Director or Chair!

  3. Technical teams: we build and race 2 grand prix karts each year along with 2 other design teams

  4. Social Events: Monthly meetings, cooking lessons, yoga, rock climbing, and more

  5. Mentor Future Engineers through outreach events to K-12 students

  6. Community Service Events: Volunteer opportunities in the local community

  7. Free Food: always a win!

  8. National Affiliation: Hundreds of SWE sections (college and professional levels) across the country

  9. Scholarships: 50,000 national SWE scholarships awarded each year

  10. Make life long friends: you'll meet the people who grow with you through the adventure

Mentorship Videos

Quick informative videos from current students about life at Purdue. From studying abroad and intramurals to Greek life and rigorous academics, you can find it all here!

Learn about an engineering major!

Interested in learning about a specific engineering major? Reach out to one of our members who can answer any questions and share their experiences with you!

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